The Blanchardville Library has a new art exhibit!! Lepidopter-art is a collaboration of Heidi Hankley and Marci Hess featuring the beauty of moths. Each piece of artwork is accompanied with an explanation of the type of art as well as further info on that particular moth. Heidi and Marci have created a booklet that one can use as a self-tour as well.

Additionally, mark your calendars and come for a hands-on event at the library on January 11 from 5:30-7pm! Heidi will be inviting people to try suminagashi marbling and Marci will talk about techniques for photographing moths and other nighttime insects. We also welcome discussions about native habitat.

Come learn about this inchworm that crafts a custom camouflage suit from the flowers it feeds on before it turns into this beautiful green wavy-lined emerald moth.


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