Blanchardville/Hollandale Area Fund

The Blanchardville/Hollandale Area Fund was created to assist people who love Hollandale and Blanchardville, and to bring sustainable resources to our communities, our organizations and our people. Click here to make an online donation.

Why have a fund?

Woven together by the Pecatonica River, the villages of Hollandale, Blanchardville, and surrounding areas share a common life, common goals, and common dreams.

The Blanchardville/Hollandale Area Fund is a resource to assist our communities to thrive and maintain our high quality of life.

The fund recognizes our history and strong cultural roots, and encourages the creativity and innovation of our most important asset – our people.

In promoting our communities, the Blanchardville/Hollandale Fund seeks to increase community involvement by encouraging – and supporting – local initiatives.

The fund will provide for the needs of our communities now and in the future, and will maximize your charitable tax deductions while supporting community projects.

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Blanchardville/Hollandale Area Fund Advisory Board

Christine Pieper~Chairman
Jeanne Lisser
Peggy Hendrickson
Judy Hendrickson
Nancy Hendrickson
Christine Hulet
Mary Massey
Therese McCarragher
Jim McCoy
Rick Rolfsmeyer
Paul Saether
Mona Scott
Kelley Steinhoff

How can you give?

  • Cash – any amount at any time!
  • Appreciated Stock – The full market value may be taken as a charitable deduction without paying capital gains tax
  • Real estate and other property – your home, farm or personal property may be a useful charitable gift when planning your estate
  • Life Insurance – You receive an immediate tax deduction for the premiums and proceeds
  • Charitable Bequests – Giving a gift through your will exempts it from income tax
  • Life income gifts – For as little as $5,000, you can make a gift, get a charitable tax deduction AND receive income for life with this method
  • Qualified retirement plan – Designating the Fund as a beneficiary recipient of remaining retirement assets may substantially reduce income and estate taxes to you heirs

There are other types of charitable giving that may be useful for you and your estate planning. Give us a call.

Give…. in thanks for the community that supported you.

Give…. in thanks for the community that served as the launching pad for your life.

Give…. in memory of those who meant much to you.

Give…. in honor of those who mean so much to you now.

Give…. to insure that others will have the same support you experienced.

Click here to give.

The Blanchardville/Hollandale Area Fund is a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Inc. Gifts to the Blanchardville, Hollandale Area Fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Jean Christen 608-967-2349 or 608-574-1175
Judy Hendrickson 608-967-2459 or 608-967-2211
Linda Gebhardt, Community Foundation 608-328-4060


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