Parade Registration Form

Parade Registration Form
125th Anniversary Celebration Parade
Village of Blanchardville

Saturday, August 8, 2015
12:30pm. Line up begins at 11:30am.

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  • May participate at the discretion of the Parade Committee
  • Must line up in the space they are assigned
  • Should be appropriate for children
  • Must have the application delivered to the Parade Committee by July 25, 2015. Entries with late applications or without applications will be included only at the discretion of the Parade Committee.

Thank you for helping us provide a safe, family atmosphere!

All participants shall indemnify, save harmless and defend the Village of Blanchardville, its elected and appointed officials, its employees, agents, volunteers and others working on behalf of the Village, from and against any and all claims, losses, costs, attorney’s fees, damages, or injury including death and/or property loss.

Blanchardville Parade Rules

It is the intent of the Parade Committee to organize a parade which is an enjoyable family experience for all ages, but especially children. Therefore, we have made safety our primary concern. The following rules and related information have been developed so the parade will be safe for both participants and spectators. Please do your part to help us make our parade safe.

By submitting a parade application, the applicant acknowledges that they:

1) Have read the parade rules and regulations 2) Agree to notify ALL members of their entry/group of these rules prior to the parade, and 3) Will be the single point of contact for the entry/group and will assume responsibility for the conduct of ALL of the entry/group’s participants.



  1. All drivers must be licensed.
  1. Riding participants will not be permitted to jump off or climb onto any units/entries while the parade is in progress.
  1. Candy should be handed out, not thrown, to reduce litter.
  2. All units must proceed at a slow parade pace. No accelerating, skidding, sudden braking and/or “wheelies” will be allowed.
  3. Everyone must proceed in a forward motion at all times. Maintain a uniform distance from the unit in front of you, approximately 30 feet.
  4. Be considerate of other parade entries and restrain from loud horn blowing or other loud noises, which may startle parade animals and children, or interfere with bands and other musical entertainment.
  5. Under no circumstances shall any participant, unit or entry move to a different position within the parade line-up, before or during the parade, except at the direction of a Parade Official.
  6. All animals in the parade must be listed on the entry application. All animals should have updated vaccinations, be in good medical health and be able to cope with crowds, other animals, the prevailing weather, and the distance of the parade. The entry/group is responsible for the immediate removal of animal waste generated by the animals associated with the entry/group. The area is expected to be as clean as you found it. This includes the pre- and post-parade areas as well as the parade route. Please remember, other parade participants will be following your entry on foot.
  7. No consumption of alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance will be allowed during the parade or in any pre- or post-parade areas.
  8. If you have a mechanical problem, please move to the right side of the street and allow the parade to resume. For assistance, please locate a Police Officer or Parade Official along the route.

These rules are subject to change on short notice. Advance notice will be given appropriately.

The Blanchardville Police Department and the Parade Committee Officials are in charge of the parade. They reserve the right to accept, reject, reclassify, disqualify, remove from the parade or suspend from participation any unit which does not cooperate, follow the Parade Rules, municipal and state laws, or the decisions and directions of the Parade Officials. Violators may also be prohibited from participating in future parades.

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