An educational meeting will be held concerning the 2018 Assessment Revaluation for the Village of Blanchardville on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the Village Hall. The meeting will be presented by the Village Assessor, Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC.  There will be a presentation explaining the revaluation process followed by a question and answer session.


A revaluation of property within the Village of Blanchardville is scheduled to be completed for the 2018 assessment year. Revaluations are necessary periodically for the following reasons:  (1) inequities may exist within classes of property; (2) inequities may exist between classes of property; (3) all properties are viewed for any changes, such as finishing a basement or removing a shed; (4) a municipality must be at 100% of market value at least once in a four year period to stay within state compliance laws.


Employees of Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC will be stopping by during the day to view the exterior of all buildings within the village. All employees will have a picture ID that will identify them as an employee of Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC. If someone is home, Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC employees may request permission to view the interior.  If it is not a convenient time or if no one is home, Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC will mail a postcard for an evening appointment at a later date.  The appointments are scheduled by neighborhoods or specific areas.  The appointments are tightly scheduled, so it is important that you be there at the appointed time.  This is the most efficient and cost effective way.  If you are not available, you may designate someone else to be present during the appointment.  If you are unable to keep that appointment, another daytime appointment will be sent to you.  If you are unable to make any of the scheduled appointments, call Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC to see if another time is available.  It will take several months to complete all of the appointments.


If you have any questions concerning this process, contact the Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC at 608-943-8009 or the Village Clerk/Treasurer, Amy Barnes at 608-523-4521.








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