Police Department

208 Mason Street
PO Box 9
Blanchardville, WI 53516
Phone: 608-523-4320
Fax: 608-523-4321
Email: blanchardvillepd@tds.net

Officer in Charge: Steve Allbaugh

County Links

The Village of Blanchardville is located in Lafayette and Iowa Counties.
Lafayette County Sheriff (dispatch): 608-776-4870


Lafayette County Crimestoppers: 800-606-TIPS
Iowa County Sheriff (dispatch): 608-935-3314


Alternate Side Parking Ordinance

The village does have an Alternate Side Parking Ordinance in effect from November 1st until April 1st. Contact the Police Dept at 523-4320 or stop in at 208 Mason Street for a copy of the ordinance.

Snow Emergency

A Snow Emergency exists whenever a snowfall of 2 or more inches of snow is forecasted or received and plowing is necessary. Use off street parking until snow has been cleaned up. Waivers are available in special circumstances. Contact the Polices Department or stop in at 208 Mason Street for a copy of guidelines.

The Village’s Alternate Side Parking ordinance continues to be in effect from November through March. Copies available at Police Department.

Village of Blanchardville Curfew Ordinance 

Other Information

To request a copy of a report, please contact the police department. A request form may need to be completed and a small copying charge may be applied.

Other Links

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Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

With the changing in seasons, roadway accidents and their causes are changing significantly throughout the state of WI. Recently, an interactive crash map was designed to help drivers become more aware of the roadway issues that cause accidents, throughout the state of Wisconsin. The page digests, and easily depicts seasonal conditions that affect roadway accidents. You can find this information by visiting www.knowledgeinitiative.org/wi-driving-study .

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